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Classified Ad's

Just like a newspaper but cheaper. Sell your car or that old dresser. Each add runs for 1 week and unlike a newspaper it can contain up to 255 characters. No more undeciperable abreviations like PW, you just say Power Windows. Each classified ad costs just $1.50 to start and 0.50 a week thereafter. If you sell the item earlier than expected we will remove it immediately to prevent unwanted phone calls.

Coupon Ad

Don't want to host a page, but want to offer something to attract customers ? How about offering a discount coupon. Each coupon would would be about the size of a normal check or as wide a your screen and about 1/4 of a screen tall. If you already have an existing ad we will replicate it for you and place it on our site for $7.00 a month. If you want us to create an add for you we will do that for as little as $35.00. If you currently have your own site we can add a hyperlink to that site for an additional $1.00 per month.

Shared Page or Fractional Page

Don't want to pay for a full web page ? We can reproduce a a small snapshot of your own page including a hyperlink to your website. Each snapsot would represent 1/4 of a pageand cost $7.00 per month. To keep download time to minimum each snapshot would have to be limited to 6Kbytes in size.One time setup fee of $14.00 applies.

Host your preprepared page

Already have a website and want to increase your exposure ? Do you have a website designed but don't want to pay the hosting fees ? We can reproduce your website here including all hyperlinks for $14.00 per month. We can also provide you with your own private Email account including private a password. Only you know whats in your Email account. Each Email account costs $1.00 per month. One time setup fee of $14.00 applies.

Design and host a new page.

Dont have a page but want one. We can design and host a page for you. If you choose from a pre-existing template we can implement a website for you for $100 per page. If you want a custom webpage we can provide you with one for as little as $200 per page. If you have us design a page, host it and agree to a 6 month contract we will give you 2 months free and waive setup charges. The monthly hosting charge is $13.00. All pages include an free Email account, extra email accounts are just $1.00 per month.

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